What To bring

What to bring


This section is a tutorial for preparation of mountain Backpacking. You’ll find an Hiking Packing List for your trekking in the Alps and not only. In order to prepare a trekking trip in the mountain it is fundamental to bring the right gears. To have a heavy backpack can be an horrible experience but at the same time if you miss some hiking items or clothes it is even worst. After many years of hiking and trekking experience I did find an excellent balance and I here describe the perfect Hiking Packing List for me. Of course everyone has his/her own preferences and gears. First of all I explain few concepts about the backpack preparation and than I will put on the hiking packing list in the different season and for different style of hiking trips. In particular you will find suggestion for you hiking packing list in a summer trekking, a winter trekking and in a day hikes. There is always a small difference of what I bring according to the weather and to the specific hike I’ll do; in any case with this tutorial you should have a much better idea of what to bring in your hike with Trekking Alps.

Most of the gears described here come from AKU and Ferrino, our technical sponsor. Consider that you can buy at discounted price at the store in Torino all what you need.

The place is called Ferrino Store and is in the center of Turin. Just mentioning Trekking Alps and Roberto you’ll get a 15% discount.



飞力诺商店(Ferrino Store)位于都灵的中心。只要提及徒步阿尔卑斯山公司(Trekking Alps和罗伯托Roberto,您将获得15%的折扣。

Backpack preparation: Layers

The best option in my opinion is to wear many layers. Means many different hiking gears with different features that you wear according to the weather and temperature situation. Of course to choose the layers depends on the season when you go trekking. Generally I use 4 Layers:

T-shirt/long sleeves
Sweather/Warm jacket
Shield jacket
The specific gear will be choosed depending on the season and weather forecast. In winter I may consider bringing both the warm jacket and the sweater.


个人认为最好的方法是穿多层衣服,因为这意味着您会根据天气和温度情况穿戴许多具有不同功能的不同远足装备。 当然,选择层数取决于您徒步旅行的季节。 通常我穿戴4层:






Backpack preparation: Extra Hiking Gears

There are some hiking gears that you can decide bringing or not. In case you know that during the hike there will be a lot of rain you may consider bringing an extra rain coat poncho. 

They are perfect for heavy rain and if you’ll know that steady rain will be part of the hike it can really be a nice idea to bring it. Also the hat and gloves type will depends on the season for the preparation of your trekking backpacking list. If it is winter you’ll need to bring warm hat and gloves while in summer you’ll probably need to bring both hat and cap and light gloves. Also another thing that you could consider to bring is a small towel and even a swimming suit for the mountain lake swimming.



如果您知道远足期间将会有稳定降雨,那么带上它们确实是个不错的主意。 另外,帽子和手套的类型将取决于准备徒步旅行背包清单的季节 如果在冬天,您需要带上保暖的帽子和手套,而在夏天,您可能需要带上更为轻便的帽子和手套。 您还可以考虑携带的另一件东西是一条小毛巾,甚至是用于高山湖泊游泳的泳衣。

Hiking Backpacking List: Wild or Comfort?

If you go wild or you are using shelter and bed and breakfast is also a very important variable. It will depends the sleeping bag warmth, the stove you need to bring and eventually the tents and consequently the backpack capacity. Hiking Packing list is a sort of an art. As a mountain hiking guide I provide you all the stove so you don’t need to think about it in coming with Trekking Alps.


如果您去野外露营或使用山间小屋那么床和早餐也是一个非常重要的变量。您需要携带的火炉帐篷种类以及背包的容量取决于您睡袋的保暖度。远足装箱清单是一门艺术。 作为登山向导,我为您提供了所有做饭炉灶,因此您在徒步阿尔卑斯山旅行时就无需考虑携带这类物品了

Hiking Packing List: Always to bring


There are few things that stay in my backpack all the time, no matter which season, what hike.



  • 多功能刀

  • 急救箱

  • 牙刷和牙膏

  • 太阳镜

  • 防晒霜

  • 头灯
  • 水壶

  • 移动电话
  • 雨披(如有必要)

Hiking Boots

The hiking boots are maybe the more important thing. You need some good hiking boots with protected anckle. The brand Aku offers all what you need at the Ferrino Store in Torino but you can also buy them at home back in China so that you’ll have the chance to try them.


登山靴是一件很重要事情。您需要一些带保护脚踝的优质登山靴。 阿库(Aku品牌都灵的飞利诺(Ferrino商店为您提供您所需的一切商品当然您也可以在中国国内购买这些物品,以便有机会尝试一下。


The backpack depends a bit on the number of days and the kind of accomodation in the Alps you will choose. Generally a 40 liters backpack is enough and good for most of the purpose. I reccomend to buy a backpack between 35 and 50 liters.In case you do not bring a poncho be aware that the backpack will have a rain cover.


背包将取决于您阿尔卑斯山的住宿天数和住宿类型。 通常,一个40升的背包足以满足大多数需求,因此我建议购买一个35升至50升之间的背包。如果您不带雨披,请注意背包上最好携带雨罩。

Sleeping Bag (only for unguarded hut)

The Sleeping bag is an important choice for your trekking and in summer, in the Alps can be either a light sleeping bag or a sleeping sheets, called also liner. If you sleep in unguarded huts or tents a sleeping bag is required. If you only sleep in mountain shelter than a liner is enough.


睡袋是您徒步旅行的重要选择,在夏天可以携带轻便的睡袋,也可以是睡眠床单(也称为衬)。 如果您在无人看管的小屋或帐篷中睡觉,则需要一个睡袋。 如果您只在山间庇护所里睡觉,那么衬就足够了。


at least 1 t-shirt per day and eventually a long sleeves shirt for the nights or if the weather turns particularly bad




The second layer must be something you can wear during the hiking at lower altitude. In summer you can consider not bringing a fleece but only a vest.




The jacket is of course fundamental in any mountain hiking trip. The jacket will be warmer than the summer one.




The shield will repair you from wind and light rain. In case of heavy rain is always good to bring a poncho. In case you do not bring a poncho be aware that the backpack will have a rain cover. The winter Shield is usually heavyer than the summer one.


防护罩可以防风和小雨。 万一下大雨还是带雨披比较好。 万一您不带雨披,请注意将背包披上防雨罩。冬季防护服通常比夏季防护服更加厚重。


I personally like very much zip pants were is possible to make them shorts. Like this you don’t need to bring an extra pants.



Underpants or shorts

If you will go at high altitude and/or you will sleep in unguarded huts during your mountain hiking trip you should bring them and eventually wear it below your pants during the cold mornings and during the nigths.



Underwear and socks

A couple of extra socks and underwear are always a good idea to bring in your hiking packing list.



Hats and Gloves

I personally like very much zip pants were is possible to make them shorts. Like this you don’t need to bring an extra pants.