Day Hike in the Alps

Day Hike in the Alps with a Professional Local Guide

One Day Hikes in the Italian Alps starting from Turin or Milan

If you come to Europe and you love outdoor, you cannot miss the Alps. Alps mountains are the Wild Heart of Europe. Fresh air, incredible landscapes, mountain culture and, if you are lucky, some wildlife! This is what you can get in an amazing day hike experience in the Italian Alps.

It is possible to plan a day trek in the mountains or even an half day hike as well. The mountains are very near Turin, a very city in the north west of Italy. Hiking from Turin (Torino in Italian language) is one of the most amazing opportunity you have in your trip in Europe. If you are in the north of Italy and you like outdoor it is a must.

In one day it is also possible to hike nearby one of the most famous peaks of the world such as Matterhorn, Monte Rosa or Mont Blanc. But this is usually suggested in a 2 days hike in order to get more time outdoor and less in a car. The mountains near Turin are less famous but equally beautiful. And in being less famous there are few people around, giving you even more time to enjoy Nature at its best.

From Milan you will need an hour by train to get to Torino where we will meet. The starting point of our one day hike in the mountains, unless you have your own car, is always the city center or a metro station we’ll agree together.

Day Hike Schedule

8.30 Fermi metro station in Turin and we go together by car to the Alps

9.00 stop in a local grocery store to buy food (If you do not have your own food)

10 arrival to the mountains and start walking

13 arrival to a highlight(peak – lake – lodge depending on your will and season) and lunch break

14 start walking back

16 arrival to the car

17.30 back to Fermi metro station

Meeting place:

The starting point is Turin, a beautiful 1 Million city in the north west of Italy. It was the first capital of Italy and definitively worth the visit beside the Alps. In terms of history and culture it is way more interesting than Milan, which is more famous only for commercial reasons.

The specific meeting point is at Fermi metro station. This is the last stop of the only metro line we have in Turin, so it is very easy to reach. From the city center(Torino Porta Nuova train station), the metro needs 20 minutes. The ticket cost 1.70 euro one way and you can buy the ticket at the machine at the underground entrance.

An Outdoor experience fit for all, all year round

Trekking is an activity fit for everybody, not only for super fit people. The degree of effort that requires is very variable. So it is very nice if you are already an hiker in China and you’ll love to challenge yourself in the Alps, but it is also perfect if you are a beginner and you want to just have a day of fresh air in your holidays in Europe. The important thing is that you let us know your fitness level so that we can organize for you the most memorable possible hike.

The day hike in the Alps is possible all year round. In winter we will probably use snowshoes while in Summer we can reach higher peaks. In Spring we have more chance to see wildlife while in Autumn the colors are spectacular. So it does not matter when you are planning your trip in Europe and in Italy. The Alps are always a very nice option!

Trekking Alps is running from 2010 and we had more than 1000 customers, all very happy. Many people did a few weeks trip visiting the most spectacular city of Europe such as Rome, Venice, Paris and London. Most of them told us that the highlight of their trip was the Hike in the Alps with Trekking Alps. Why? Because you live the experience on your skin. You deserve the landscape and this make it the most memorable experience you can have!

Costs with English speaking guide:

1 person: 160 euro

2 persons: 200 euro

3 persons: 220 euro

4 persons: 240 euro

5 persons: 300 euro

6+ persons: 300 euro

Note: It is possible to have a Chinese translator/interpreter. Just ask us and we will provide you with availability and costs.