2 Days Hike in the Alps

Your adventure in Europe

Spending a night in the middle of nowhere in the Alps will be the highlight of your holiday. There is nothing like a night in the Nature, and this what it is offered in this weekend hikes section.
The idea is that everybody should be able to experience the amazing nature of the Alps. So just let us know your fitness level, age and hiking experience and according to the mountains conditions(snow, ice, weather forecast) we will choose the most spectacular possible hike. There are hundreds of opportunities all starting from Turin, in the north west of Italy. You should not worry about the specific target: we are professional guides for more than a decade our first aim is to bring you in the most spectacular possible place. And considering the amount of beauty in the Alps, this is not that difficult:) Also you’ll be amazed of the amount of History and culture that happened in the Alps: Alps have always been border and in borders there were many wars fought in amazing environment.
The 2 days hike can be organized in any day of the week. If you want to take a breath of fresh air in the Italian mountains, Trekking Alps guide you a fantastic adventurous weekend hike in the Alps near Turin all year long. All the week end hikes can be easily extended to a three days hike and in different season we will suggest you the best place to visit. Feel free to ask us if you have special requests or doubts!

2 Days Hike Schedule
Day one:
10.00 Meeting at Fermi metro station in Turin and we go together by car to the Alps
11.00 stop in a local grocery store to buy food (If you do not have your own food)
12 arrival to the mountains small lunch and start walking
16 arrival to the lodge
17-19 extra hike if there are energy…. if not relaxing at the lodge
19 dinner
22 sleep

Day two:
8:00 breakfast
9:00 walk up the mountains
11:30 back to the lodge
12:00 Lunch at the lodge
13:30 start walk back
16:30 Back at the car and start driving back to Turin
18:00 Back at Fermi metro station
2 Days Hike: many different opportunities

Meeting place:
The starting point is Turin, a beautiful 1 Million city in the north west of Italy. It was the first capital of Italy and definitively worth the visit beside the Alps. In terms of history and culture it is way more interesting than Milan, which is more famous only for commercial reasons.
The specific meeting point is at Fermi metro station. This is the last stop of the only metro line we have in Turin, so it is very easy to reach. From the city center(Torino Porta Nuova train station), the metro needs 20 minutes. The ticket cost 1.70 euro one way and you can buy the ticket at the machine at the underground entrance.

The specific target of our 2 days hike in the Alps can be very different. We can reach 3500 meters peak during the summer for those who are young and strong, or we can enjoy beautiful walks in the forests for those who are not in amazing shape. But in any case the 2 days hike in the mountains will be definitively one of your highlights of your trip. Sunset and Surise from the moutains are amazing. Wildlife spotting in 2 days is much more probable than in a simple day hike and waking up in the mountains is something spectacular. Plus in sleeping already at high altitude(in summer can be around 2500 meters) we can reach quite high places which would be impossible in one day.
Sleeping in a Mountain Lodge
The mountain lodge(called Rifugio in Italian language) it is a house in the middle of the mountains. It is completely isolated and there are people living there. Some lives up there only for the summer, other all year round. The rifugio offers a quite good level of comfort but you have to remind that to bring any facility up there it is very complicated. So nothing is for granted. For example food is brought up by elicopter and so do trash. Usually there is a hot shower that you can do with a limited amount of minutes, and the rooms are usually with shared beds and also toilet are in common. Some rifugio have a sort of private bedrooms but this is an exception. The idea is to live one night more related to the nature: we are not going up there for living high end comfort. It is a shared experience and this is the beauty of it. Most of rooms have 4-8 beds but every lodge is different. If you prefer to sleep all in the same room and let’s say you are, 6 this is possible. Just let us know and we will choose a lodge which have this feature.
Said so, if you really want your privacy of a single room it is possible to organize but probably you’ll no sleep up in the mountains but more in a village in the mountains with more facilities. Another option, for the most adventurous, are unguarded hut.