Alps and Trekking – What to expect in the Alps

Alps and Trekking – What to expect in the Alps

The Alps are among the most famous mountains range in the world. This is where the Mountaineering started together with all the different activities such as hiking, skiing, paragliding, canyoning, etc.

If you love mountains and you are an independent traveler, you will love Trekking Alps. We will guide you or assist you to discover the Alps in a very authentic adventure. Europe and especially Italy is full of beauty. Most of them though are not Natural beauty but historical and cultural places such as Piazzas, museum and ancient town. If you like Outdoor and you want to discover the nature of Europe coming from China, you will be amazed about the beauty of the Alps! Swiss Alps and French Alps are more famous but Italian Alps have nothing less and they are actually even better.

Why Italian Alps are better than French and Swiss Alps?

For at least 3 reasons:

  1. Italians are nicer

  2. Food is better

  3. There is less people and it is wilder mountains

This third point bring also another nice and interesting point: wildlife. In the Italian Alps, which are less anthropized than the Swiss, Austrian and the French Alps it is easier to spot animals as they have more space to roam around. Actually because there are few people living in the mountains in the last tens of years, the number of forest grew and now the number of deers for example have been increased. The most famous animal of the Alps is the Ibex and they all come from Italy. In Gran Paradiso there was the last colony of around 80 animals in the XIX century. The king of Italy made a hunting reserve and slowly the number of this beautiful and charming animal have been increased. So now, especially in May-June it is quite easy to spot them.

You can be interested of Mountains for many reasons: Adventure, Good food, Wildlife, Mountain Landscape photography… You will find all of these in the Alps. Contact us and we will organize for you the perfect holidays at affordable prices.

For example a 2 days hike for 2 people would start from 400 dollars/380 euro. But if you want a luxurious trip we can organize only 4 or 5 stars accommodation with SPA every day to enjoy the culinary experience together with the mountain landscape. So basically if you are a nature lover and you like mountains and you are organizing a trip in Europe from China, this is the right place. We all are local guide born and raise in Torino, a beautiful town of North Italy. Torino itself was the first capital of Italy and well worth the visit. Munch better than Milan. The Guides are all English speaker but if you need we can find you a Chinese translator. Contact us and explain us your needs and desires for your hiking adventure in Italy: we’ll organize it for you!