Hiking tours in the Alps in August

Hiking tours in the Alps in August


Where to hike in August


Escape the unpleasant hot of the cities and reach back the spring up in the Alps!
Hiking in August have some big plus and some features that you have to consider before to start.

August is when, in Italy and not only, most of people are on holidays. That means that is the month where you will find more people hiking in the Alps. The reason why August is so busy is also because the mountains are at its best.

All the passes are snow free and you can enjoy the hiking and the mountaineering season without thinking about snow. For this reason it is important to choose an area that is not very popular to enjoy mountain in silence and intimacy. For this reason we usually avoid the famous area of Monte Bianco and Gran Paradiso.

Just ask us and we will suggest you the best area where to go. Also using unguarded huts hiking in August is not particularly smart as they are often full.

Even the hotel in some area do not accept single day booking, so you have to plan your hiking holidays carefully.

逃离城市令人不快的高温,在阿尔卑斯山回到春天! 在开始选择之前,我们要考虑到 8 月份的徒步旅行是有很多好处的。

8月的时候,不仅意大利,很多其他地方也在放假。这意味着您会在这个月份遇到更多想在 阿尔卑斯山远足的人。八月如此忙碌的原因还在于此时的山脉处于徒步最佳状态。

所有的远足计划均为无雪远足,您无需担心下雪的问题就能轻松享受远足和登山。因此重要 的是选择一个不那么拥挤的地区来享受寂静,所以我们通常会避开著名的蒙特比安科 (Monte Bianco)和格兰天堂(Gran Paradiso)地区,让您亲密接触高山。

我们将会为您推荐该季节的最佳去处。另外,在八月时计划入住山间小屋并非一个明智的选 择,因为通常这个季节的预定都十分饱和。而且某些地区的酒店并不接受一日预订,因此您 需要提前仔细计划远足假期。