Hiking Tours in the Alps in June

Hiking Tours in the Alps in June


Where to hike in June


Probably the best month of the year for hiking. Lush Nature and Snowcapped Peak

Hiking the Alps in June is a unique and magic experience. The Alps are at its best. The Nature is born again aftern many months of snow and the melting water create huge waterfalls and generally big streams and river.

The flower start to grow in the forest and below the tree line. Hiking the Alps in June is the place you want to be, at the right time.

The mountain lodge(hut) usually open after the second week of June and it is possible to organize many of the possible long trek.

Depending on the amount of snow that have been falling the last winter it is possible to reach the pass above 2500 meters. In this month everything change very quickly so it is not easy to choose the exact trek in advance.

But if there is not a doubt is that seeking the beauty, hiking in June is certainly not difficult.

六月应该是一年中最佳的远足月份,因为在此您可以看到郁郁葱葱的自然和白雪皑皑的山 峰。

六月徒步阿尔卑斯山将会是一次独特而神奇的体验,此时的阿尔卑斯山处于最佳状态:大自 然经过数月的降雪后重生,融化的雪水形成巨大的瀑布,花朵开始在森林中绽放,通常还会 有小溪和河流供您欣赏。

六月来阿尔卑斯山远足,是最合适的时间。 山间小屋通常会在六月的第二周之后开放,并且有可能会组织许多长途远足。

根据前一年冬天降雪量的不同,您有可能在夏季到达 2500 米以上的山口。在这个月中,一 切都变化得很快,因此提前计划好确切的徒步计划并不容易。