Hiking Tours in the Alps in November

Hiking Tours in the Alps in November


Where to hike in November


Hiking the Alps in November is difficult to predict. Usually there should be already snow up in the mountains but lately the weather is changing and the snow is coming later.

So it is not so uncommon that you can still reach high altitude. Also foliage can be part of the hiking if you come in the first weeks of the month. In any case hiking in November can be a very nice even though we do not suggest more than one night in unguarded hut as up in the mountains it start to be pretty cold.

Temperatures up in the mountains can be also -10 degrees in the night. The Inn to Inn option is a great option as in every winter month.

If you love hiking and you come in November the Italian Alps are waiting for you. We’ll find a very cool trail to do!

选择十一月在阿尔卑斯山上远足很难预测天气。通常在这时,山上应该已经下雪了,但是最 近天气变化较大,所以也可能之后才下雪。 因此,仍然可以达到高海拔山区的情况并不少见。如果您在十一月的头几周来,地上厚积的 落叶也可以成为美妙景观的一部分。无论如何,十一月在阿尔卑斯山的徒步旅行都十分值得 推荐,但我们不建议在山间小屋上多住,因为山上变得非常寒冷。夜间山区的气温可能达到 -10 度,因此和在每个冬季月份一样,从客栈到客栈的游览路线是个不错的选择。 如果您喜欢徒步旅行,并且您选择在 11 月来到意大利阿尔卑斯山,那就联系我们吧,我们 会为您计划一条很酷的徒步之路!