Hiking tours in the Alps in September

Hiking tours in the Alps in September


Where to hike in September


Reach high altitude in solitude. Discover the big peaks and the peace of the Alps in September

September Alps hiking is a very good idea! The month of September usually still have summer temperatures that means that you will not freeze at 3000 meters of elevation and still you can hike in most of the places up in the Italian Alps.

There might be some isolated snowfall but usually it is a perfect month even for long trekking of 4- 5 days.

The nature is not su lush as it is in the summer months(especially compared with June and the first half of July) but on the other hand usually in September you will find the mountains for yourself.

So September is perfect if you want to live mountain in intimacy and still go up at 3000 meters to enjoy incredible views of the mountains from Alps peaks and high mountain passes.


九月在阿尔卑斯山徒步旅行是一个非常不错的想法! 通常在 9 月仍然还是夏季气温,这就 意味着您不会在 3000 米的高空感到寒冷,并且仍然可以在意大利阿尔卑斯山的大多数地方 徒步远足。

虽然在九月仍然可能会有一些零星降雪,但对于一段 4-5 天的长途远足来说,这已经算是一 个完美的月份了。

阿尔卑斯山的九月虽然并不像夏季月份(特别是与六月和七月上半旬相比)那样郁郁葱葱, 但您依旧可以在这里发现自己热爱的魅力山脉。

因此,如果您想与山峰亲密接触,并且还想登上 3000 米的高空,在阿尔卑斯山口欣赏那些 令人难以置信的山景,那么九月是一个完美的选择。