Summer Hiking in the Alps


The Italian Alps at their Best for Multiple Days Treks


Organizing a Trekking in Europe in Summer from China


Summer mountain hiking in the Alps is simply the best activity you can imagine if you are visiting Europe, and Italy in particular. The environment of the Alps in the summer months is just amazing. Chilly air, warm sun and amazing mountain landscapes. All the trekking paths are usually open in this season so you can enjoy the highest peaks and pass.

如果您要游览欧洲,尤其是意大利,那么夏季来阿尔卑斯山登山绝对是最佳活动之一。夏 季,阿尔卑斯山的环境令人惊叹:凉爽的空气,温暖的阳光和美不胜收的山地景观。通常在 这个季节我们将开放所有徒步路线,因此您可以观赏并路过最高峰。

Glaciers appears after they have been covered by snow in the other months of the year and to
spot wildlife hiking in the alps is way easier. Ibexes, Chamois, Eagles, Marmots, Vultures and many others. The Alps in Summer is their festival due to moderate temperatures an lack of snow. We will be able to organize hiking trips in the Alps almost everywhere. Usually it is the best period to go hiking at high altitude, such as 2500/3000 meters.

冰川在被大雪覆盖了几个月后终于浮现,这个季节在阿尔卑斯山上发现野生动植物是件很容 易的事情。野生山羊,岩羚羊,老鹰,土拨鼠,秃鹰等动物随处可见,可以说气温适中且没 有积雪的阿尔卑斯山夏季就是他们的节日。夏季,我们几乎能够在阿尔卑斯山的所有地方组 织徒步旅行。一般来说,这是在 2500/3000 米等高海拔地区远足的最佳时期。

The Passes are finally open and is possible to organize amazing rings or trails hiking in the Alps for multiple days. It is also the season where all the Shelter/Rifugi are open: sleeping up in the Alptutude in this period is easy and comfortable. The unguarded huts are more busy especially during August and the weekends of July so it is better to use tent if you are looking for wild hikes.

山路终于开放了,因此大家可以组织一场在阿尔卑斯山中那些环路和小径上的多日奇妙旅 行。这是一个对所有城市逃离者开放的避难所,在夏季将一直开放:这个季节,在阿尔卑斯 山上睡觉十分舒适。无人小屋的行情十分紧俏,尤其是在七月和八月的周末更是常常售罄, 因此,如果您考虑此时在野外远足,最好使用帐篷居住。

Hiking trips in the Alps in summer is the only time where the paths can be a bit busy.
Specially in Tour of Mont Blanc area and where the big peaks are. But that is why you come hiking with a local guide. We will bring you in more remote area where you still will live an intimate and

lonely adventure in the Italian Alps. Again, Summer Mountain hiking in the Alps is the best thing you do while being in Europe in the hot summer tiFme: in the fresh and beautiful Italian Alps.

夏季是唯一一个让阿尔卑斯山徒步旅行的路线可能有些繁忙的季节,尤其是在勃朗峰游览地 区和最高峰所在处。 有可能存在 些 这也是为什么推荐您与当地向导一起远足的原因:向导将带您去到更偏远的地区,在那里您 可以与意大利阿尔卑斯山亲密接触,实现一场清静的冒险。不得不说,若要在炎热的夏天去 欧洲旅游,在清新美丽的意大利阿尔卑斯山,来一场夏季山地徒步旅行将会是一个最好的选 择。

Trekking Alps offer you a professional and nice local guide to go with! The West Alps are an excellent solution for your holidays: sport, nature, fresh air and nice company. You will be able to choose among most of the trek according to your interests and will.

徒步阿尔卑斯山将为您提供专业称职的当地向导!阿尔卑斯山西部地区也将是您度过假期的 绝佳选择:户外运动,自然风光,新鲜空气和友善陪伴。您可以根据自己的兴趣和意愿在各 类徒步计划中进行自主选择。

From Wild challenging hikes to comfortable Italian Food tasting hiking trip, Summer hiking in the Alps offers you all sort of experience. If you want to save a little bit and you want to be inspired, join one of the Planned Hikes. If you want to decide yourself the hike you want to do, browse the hikes on the right menu choosing the features that you prefer. Or directly choose from the Configurator Hiking Alps page. Summer mountain hiking is when everything is possible!

从挑战性野外远足到舒适的意大利美食远足之旅,阿尔卑斯山的夏季徒步旅行将为您提供各 式各样的不同体验。如果您想选择更加实惠的徒步路线,并希望在旅途中收获满满,就请参 加这些远足活动之一吧。如果您想要自己决定如何进行远足,那请在右侧菜单上点击远足, 选择您更偏爱的徒步之旅。或者您可以直接从“徒步阿尔卑斯配置”页面中进行选择。在夏季 登山,看尽一切可能!

Our Italian Alps Summer Hiking


Summer is the best period for hiking. There are many reason why hiking the Alps between June and September is the best. The reasons are simple:

  • Paths avaiable due to melted snow
  • Fresh temperatures compared with everywhere else in Europe
  • Shelters open and more possibilities for accomodations in the Alps
  • Long Days that allows you to hike the Alps with no rushSummer Mountain Hiking means: the wildife is usually pretty active and the beauty everywhere is just to enjoy. The days are very long and is very enjoyable to have 15 days of light. You can take it easy and still make long trails every day also due to the lack of snow that usually from July is already melted.夏天是远足的最佳时期。在六月和九月之间在阿尔卑斯山远足是最好的选择,原因很多但也 很简单:
  • 积雪融化从而产生更多可徒步路径
  • 与欧洲其他地方相比气温更加凉爽宜人
  • 各类房屋开放,为在阿尔卑斯山的住宿提供更多可能性
  • 白日时间长,让您可以不着急地远足阿尔卑斯山

夏季山地徒步旅行意味着:野生动物十分活跃,到处都可以感受到自然的美丽。 同时昼长 夜短,长达 15 天的光照令人非常愉悦,并且由于 7月份以来已经没有太多的积雪,所以您 可以在长途远足时放轻松慢慢来。

Hiking Tours in the Alps in June


Where to hike in June


Probably the best month of the year for hiking. Lush Nature and Snowcapped Peak

Hiking the Alps in June is a unique and magic experience. The Alps are at its best. The Nature is born again aftern many months of snow and the melting water create huge waterfalls and generally big streams and river.

The flower start to grow in the forest and below the tree line. Hiking the Alps in June is the place you want to be, at the right time.

The mountain lodge(hut) usually open after the second week of June and it is possible to organize many of the possible long trek.

Depending on the amount of snow that have been falling the last winter it is possible to reach the pass above 2500 meters. In this month everything change very quickly so it is not easy to choose the exact trek in advance.

But if there is not a doubt is that seeking the beauty, hiking in June is certainly not difficult.

六月应该是一年中最佳的远足月份,因为在此您可以看到郁郁葱葱的自然和白雪皑皑的山 峰。

六月徒步阿尔卑斯山将会是一次独特而神奇的体验,此时的阿尔卑斯山处于最佳状态:大自 然经过数月的降雪后重生,融化的雪水形成巨大的瀑布,花朵开始在森林中绽放,通常还会 有小溪和河流供您欣赏。

六月来阿尔卑斯山远足,是最合适的时间。 山间小屋通常会在六月的第二周之后开放,并且有可能会组织许多长途远足。

根据前一年冬天降雪量的不同,您有可能在夏季到达 2500 米以上的山口。在这个月中,一 切都变化得很快,因此提前计划好确切的徒步计划并不容易。


Hiking Tours in the Alps in July


Where to hike in July


Freedom of Summer Hikes in the Amazing Alpine Environment If you decide hiking in the Alps in July you’ll have great time!

Almost all the mountain passes are snow free and you will be able to connect trails from valley to valley exploring high altitudes hiking in the Italian Alps.

July is a great month for hiking also because it is not as crowded as August but you have all the hut open for you. So the amount of trails that you can do are limitless. Also July is usually pretty warm everywhere else.

So if there is a nice place to be while you are in Europe or in Italy in July is between 2000 and 3000 meters enjoying spring again. Flowers up in the mountains are exploding and you’ll have a perfect glimpse of how cool it is to hike in the alps.

One of the favourite month of Trekking Alps. Also it is pretty high season so it is not difficult also for solo hikers to join a Planned Hike and save money.

July is also perfect for berries: free vitamins for most of the Alps hiking routes all the way up!

在令人惊叹的高山环境中自由享受夏季的远足 如果您决定七月在阿尔卑斯山远足,那将会是一段美好的时光!

因为几乎所有的山口都是无雪的,这意味着您将可以感受那些连接不同山谷的小径,探索意 大利阿尔卑斯山的高海拔地区。

七月是远足的绝佳月份,因为它不像八月那样拥挤,但所有山间小屋也已开放。因此,您可 以选择的徒步计划种类繁多。同样的,在七月其他地方也会十分炎热,这里是完美的避暑之地。因此,如果您希望在欧洲或意大利旅游时有一个绝妙的去处,那么就来这里吧。让您的 7 月 于 2000 到 3000 米的海拔之间,再次享受春天。山上的花朵正在繁盛绽放,您可以完全感受 到在阿尔卑斯山徒步旅行有多酷。

这是徒步阿尔卑斯山最青睐的月份之一。而且这是一个相当热门的季节,因此哪怕是单身徒 步旅行者也可以加入我们的经济实惠的远足计划。

七月也是浆果生长最繁盛的季节,阿尔卑斯山大部分的远足路线都有着各类浆果:免费为徒 步者提供维生素!

Hiking tours in the Alps in August


Where to hike in August


Escape the unpleasant hot of the cities and reach back the spring up in the Alps!
Hiking in August have some big plus and some features that you have to consider before to start.

August is when, in Italy and not only, most of people are on holidays. That means that is the month where you will find more people hiking in the Alps. The reason why August is so busy is also because the mountains are at its best.

All the passes are snow free and you can enjoy the hiking and the mountaineering season without thinking about snow. For this reason it is important to choose an area that is not very popular to enjoy mountain in silence and intimacy. For this reason we usually avoid the famous area of Monte Bianco and Gran Paradiso.

Just ask us and we will suggest you the best area where to go. Also using unguarded huts hiking in August is not particularly smart as they are often full.

Even the hotel in some area do not accept single day booking, so you have to plan your hiking holidays carefully.

逃离城市令人不快的高温,在阿尔卑斯山回到春天! 在开始选择之前,我们要考虑到 8 月份的徒步旅行是有很多好处的。

8月的时候,不仅意大利,很多其他地方也在放假。这意味着您会在这个月份遇到更多想在 阿尔卑斯山远足的人。八月如此忙碌的原因还在于此时的山脉处于徒步最佳状态。

所有的远足计划均为无雪远足,您无需担心下雪的问题就能轻松享受远足和登山。因此重要 的是选择一个不那么拥挤的地区来享受寂静,所以我们通常会避开著名的蒙特比安科 (Monte Bianco)和格兰天堂(Gran Paradiso)地区,让您亲密接触高山。

我们将会为您推荐该季节的最佳去处。另外,在八月时计划入住山间小屋并非一个明智的选 择,因为通常这个季节的预定都十分饱和。而且某些地区的酒店并不接受一日预订,因此您 需要提前仔细计划远足假期。

Hiking tours in the Alps in September


Where to hike in September


Reach high altitude in solitude. Discover the big peaks and the peace of the Alps in September

September Alps hiking is a very good idea! The month of September usually still have summer temperatures that means that you will not freeze at 3000 meters of elevation and still you can hike in most of the places up in the Italian Alps.

There might be some isolated snowfall but usually it is a perfect month even for long trekking of 4- 5 days.

The nature is not su lush as it is in the summer months(especially compared with June and the first half of July) but on the other hand usually in September you will find the mountains for yourself.

So September is perfect if you want to live mountain in intimacy and still go up at 3000 meters to enjoy incredible views of the mountains from Alps peaks and high mountain passes.


九月在阿尔卑斯山徒步旅行是一个非常不错的想法! 通常在 9 月仍然还是夏季气温,这就 意味着您不会在 3000 米的高空感到寒冷,并且仍然可以在意大利阿尔卑斯山的大多数地方 徒步远足。

虽然在九月仍然可能会有一些零星降雪,但对于一段 4-5 天的长途远足来说,这已经算是一 个完美的月份了。

阿尔卑斯山的九月虽然并不像夏季月份(特别是与六月和七月上半旬相比)那样郁郁葱葱, 但您依旧可以在这里发现自己热爱的魅力山脉。

因此,如果您想与山峰亲密接触,并且还想登上 3000 米的高空,在阿尔卑斯山口欣赏那些 令人难以置信的山景,那么九月是一个完美的选择。