Alps Hiking in Autumn


The Infinite Shades of Colours of the Italian Alps near Turin

  1. 感受都灵附近意大利阿尔卑斯山的缤纷色彩

Organizing a Trekking in Europe in Autumn from China

  1. 组织一场来自中国的秋季欧洲徒步之旅

Hiking in Fall is maybe the most underestimated period to go hiking. Alps Hiking in Autumn can be the best period of the year for many reasons. It is true that weather forecast can change a lot from year to year. But Fall in north west of Italy can be just fabulous. The peaks are already snowcapped, the temperature can be perfect and most of all most of the people are back to the city: that means you can enjoy the mountain by yourself.

Hiking in autumn can be as nice as in summer but with a great variety of colors: yellow and red trees are welcoming us in the forests and hiking in low altitude can be an amazing experience. Depending on the weather of every year we can still trek in high altitude without using the snowshoes. 

Days are shorter especially in late November but you will enjoy the Italian Alps in an exclusive way as not many people know that trekking in that period is lovely. The weather change quite a lot the possible hikes and a degree of flexibility in planning the hike have to be taken into account. But still there are lots of huts and shelters which are perfect for our autumn hiking in the Alps and you will have the chance to make among the best landscapes pictures of the year. Come hiking in Fall in Italy and you will discover why Trekking Alps is guiding in the mountains all year long!





Our Autumn Hikes in the Italian Alps

  1. 我们在意大利阿尔卑斯山的季远足

There are many good reasons why hiking in the Alps in Fall and here we’ll point out why Italian Alps Hiking in Autumn is a great opportunity!  The Fall months can be the best of the year for hiking if you are lucky. For these reasons:

  • Less People: You’ll enjoy incredibly beautiful places by yourself
  • Amazing Colours: There are no doubts the best variety fo colours of Nature is now!
  • Temperatures not too cold compared with winter

October can be still a bit like Summer if there was no early snow and is not so rare to be able to hike up the mountains till 3000 meters. The first two weeks of October are great to spot Red Deers as they are in mating season.

The Rain and the Snow are a bit unpredictable but this is true anytime if you want to go hiking in the Alps. Also lately, with the Climate Change, extended the summer season and postponed the winter one. That gave you more reason to come Hiking in Autumn in Italy. The best is the fact that you can see very famous places such as Monte Bianco or Matterhorn in very low season, enjoying the nature at its best.






虽然这个季节雨和雪有点不可预测,但是想在阿尔卑斯山远足还是可以随时做到的。同样最近,随着气候变化,夏季延长,冬季推迟。这给了您更多理由来意大利秋季远足。事实上您可以在淡季看到一些非常著名的地方,例如勃朗峰(Monte Bianco马特峰(Matterhorn,尽享自然风光。




在秋季远足可能是一年之中最被低估的时期,其实综合来看,秋季在阿尔卑斯山远足其实一 年中最好的时期。确实,每年的天气都会发生很大变化,但是,意大利西北部的秋天一直都 很棒。在那时山峰已经被雪完全覆盖,达到了完美的温度,同时大多数人都回到了城市:这 也就意味着您可以免去拥挤,更加安静地欣赏这座山。

秋季远足与夏季远足一样美妙,但是旅途中的颜色更加多种多样:树木黄红交替,在森林中 静立着欢迎我们,在低海拔山区远足可是一种了不起的体验。根据每年的天气不同,我们仍 有很大可能可以在不使用雪鞋的情况下进行高空徒步。

进入秋季,白日时间变短,尤其是在 11 月下旬,但是这也意味着您将以一种特殊的方式欣 赏意大利阿尔卑斯山,因为没有多少人知道在那个时期的徒步旅行有多美妙。

在这个季节天气变化很大,所以我们要给自己的计划增加更多灵活性。此时仍然是有很多山 间小屋,非常适合我们在阿尔卑斯山秋季徒步旅行时居住,同时您将有机会欣赏山中的最美 风景画。来意大利进行秋季远足吧,您就会发现为什么徒步阿尔卑斯山会终年在山上向导!


有千万种理由可以说明为什么要在秋天的阿尔卑斯山徒步旅行,今{天就来为大家一一阐述。 如果幸运的话,秋天的这几个月可能是一年中最好的远足季节。那是因为:

  • 参观人数减少:您将独自享受这令人难以置信的美丽地方
  • 缤纷的色彩:毫无疑问,大自然所有最美的颜色都在这里!
  • 与冬天相比温度没有那么冷

如果没有下一场早雪的话,十月仍然可以像夏天一样舒适,并且也能够爬上 3000 米的高山。同时,十月的前两周正适合见到红鹿,因为此时正处于他们的交配季节。

虽然这个季节雨和雪有点不可预测,但是想在阿尔卑斯山远足还是可以随时做到的。同样近期近,随着气候的变化,夏季延长,冬季推迟。这就给了您更多理由来意大利秋季远足。事实上您可以在淡季看到一些非常著名的地方,例如勃朗峰(Monte Bianco)或马特峰 (Matterhorn),尽享自然风光。