2 Days Hike in the Alps

Your adventure in Europe Spending a night in the middle of nowhere in the Alps will be the highlight of your holiday. There is nothing … 阅读更多

Day Hike in the Alps

Day Hike in the Alps with a Professional Local Guide One Day Hikes in the Italian Alps starting from Turin or Milan If you come … 阅读更多

What To bring

What to bring 需要携带什么? This section is a tutorial for preparation of mountain Backpacking. You’ll find an Hiking Packing List for your trekking in the … 阅读更多



Alps Hiking in Autumn 阿尔卑斯山秋季徒步之旅 The Infinite Shades of Colours of the Italian Alps near Turin 感受都灵附近意大利阿尔卑斯山的缤纷色彩 Organizing a Trekking in Europe in Autumn from … 阅读更多


Turin: Alps Headquarter

Turin: Alps Headquarter Our Mountain Headquarter: Juventus, Food and Culture! Visit Turin: Alps, Culture and Juventus Turin is a wonderful city – you’ll be surprised … 阅读更多


Trekking Alps Team 徒步阿尔卑斯山团队 A group of Local Guides leading Mountain Hiking Tours in the Italian Alps 由一群当地向导带领的意大利阿尔卑斯山徒步旅行 Trekking Alps – Your guide for an … 阅读更多


Huts – Shelters – Hotels 徒步旅行阿尔卑斯山之何处住宿 小屋-安置处-酒店 Huts, Shelters or Hotels? 小屋,安置处或酒店? In planning your hike in the Italian Alps, probably the main variable that … 阅读更多